License Detail

Escort Bureau / Introductory Service License
License Name
Escort Bureau / Introductory Service License
The licensing of any person or company which offers to furnish or refer escorts to patrons or whose principal purpose is to aid individuals to become socially acquainted.
Associated Fees
  • $100 Initial Application Fee
  • $175 Annual License Fee
  • $22 Records Check Fee
  • $10 Fingerprint Fee
  • $100 Late Application Renewal Fee(if not renewed 60 days before expiration)
  • $25 Change of Location Fee
  • $10 Duplicate License Fee
Ordinance Booklet
General Provisions
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
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Application Materials
Additional Requirements
  • Submit a complete description of the exact nature of the business to be conducted, including the office organization, advertising theme and method, employee qualifications and copies of contracts to be used with escorts and patrons.
  • Written plan setting forth the method of operation of the escort bureau, which shall include but not limited to:
    1. The hours that the escort bureau will be open to the public, including all hours any escorts are with a patron; and
    2. the methods of supervision of employees to prevent the escort from charging the patron any fee which is in addition to the fee paid to the escort bureau or introductory service by the patron;
    3. The methods of supervision which will prevent the escorts from solicitation acts of prostitution of offering sexual stimulation or sexual gratification; and
    4. The applicant shall submit a statement disclosing the names of all persons who have invested in the proposed escort bureau and the names of all persons who will share in or receive a percentage of the profit or return from the proposed escort bureau; and
    5. The method of compensating escorts.
  • Submit a copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Submit copy of current Driver’s License.
  • Each owner must be fingerprinted and have background check.
  • Submit proof of authorization to work in US, if not a US citizen.