License Detail

Liquor Permit
License Name
Liquor Permit
For any establishment selling spirituous beverages.
Associated Fees
  • $500 Application Fee
  • $100 Permit Issuance Fee
  • $300 to $1,200 Annual Permit fee pending on series #, prorated per quarter based on state approval date
Ordinance Booklet
Application Materials
Additional Requirements
  • Must submit state application with city application. For information regarding the state application go to the Arizona Department of Liquor.
  • If you are applying for Series 03 - Microbrewery, Series 06 - Bar, Series 07 - Beer & Wine Bar, Series 12 - Restaurant, Series 13 - Domestic Farm Winery, or Series 14 - Club (Private) State Liquor Permit your may also have to acquire a City of Scottsdale conditional use permit. For information go to Planning, Building and Zoning.