License Detail

Massage Therapist
License Name
Massage Therapist
Any person providing and administering massage techniques upon the external parts of the body.<br><br>Effective 7/1/2004, the City of Scottsdale will no longer process Massage New or Renewal Applications. Massage Therapists must apply with the State of AZ prior to expiration of their current city license. Effective 1/1/2005, a massage therapist must be licensed with the State of AZ in order to practice massage therapy. Contact the state for grandfathering information. Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy <a href=""></a>
Associated Fees
  • Refer to Ordinance booklet
Ordinance Booklet
Massage Ordinance Booklet
pdf/70KB/21 Pages
General Provisions
Additional Requirements
  • A copy of National Certification** (**Currently licensed Scottsdale Therapists do not require National Certification as long as license does not lapse.)
  • Submit copy of Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Submit copy of Social Security Card.
  • Submit proof of authorization to work in US, if not a US citizen.