License Detail

Teletrack Wagering Establishment
License Name
Teletrack Wagering Establishment
Establishments at which a teletrack operator accepts bets or wages on results of horse racing.
Associated Fees
  • $500 Application Fee
  • $600 License Fee
  • $24 for each set of fingerprints
Ordinance Booklet
General Provisions
Application Materials
Additional Requirements
  • Written proof of age.
  • Proof of current bar (Series 6) or restaurant (Series 12) liquor license.
  • Site Plan for all buildings and associated parcel lines, including evidence of compliance with Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 16, Article XVI, Section 16-500.
  • Proof of an agreement between the applicant and each operator for use of the establishment by the operator for teletrack wagering purposes.
  • A vicinity ownership map showing and labeling all lots within 300 Feet of exterior boundaries of parcel, not including public property or right of way.
  • A vicinity ownership list and mailing labels properly addressed, containing names and mailing addresses, with correct zip codes, of owners of all parcels shown on the vicinity ownership map.
  • A parking plan showing all parking spaces available for the site, and traffic flow patterns.
  • A security plan which may include security guards and other appropriate measures for the protection of patrons, employees, and the public.
  • Proof that a Teletrack Operator license has been issued or applied for with respect to each operator who will conduct teletrack wagering activities at the establishment.
  • Fingerprint and background check for each employee and owner.