License Detail

Valet Parking
License Name
Valet Parking
A valet parking license is required when someone wishes to operate a valet parking business within the City of Scottsdale.
Associated Fees
First Time ApplicantsRenewing Applicants
$20 Application Fee$25 Renewal Fee
$60 License Fee$60 License Fee
Ordinance Booklet
General Provisions
Application Materials
Additional Requirements
  • Name of the business owner served by applicant.
  • Square footage of the indoor and outdoor floor area that is to be used by the public.
  • A map showing the location of the valet parking zone, location of parking spaces to be used, routes to be used between valet parking zone and the parking spaces.
  • A Scale drawing of the Valet parking station.
  • Minimum number of attendants.
  • Written authorization to use parking positions from all privately owned parking spaces.
  • For all city owned parking spaces, provide a map showing the parking spaces /structures and the times of use and number used.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Estimated number of vehicles parked at the peak hour of operation.
  • Samples of the receipts and tags to be used.
  • Copies of the notices and proof of delivery to the owners of the business required to receive notices.