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Request by owner for approval of a Zoning District Map Amendment from Single-family Residential district (R1-35) to Single-family Residential district (R1-10) on a +/-13,020 square-foot site located at 13647 N. 87th Street.

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Applicant Submittal(s)
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Applicant's Submittal 6/25/2021 (PDF, 134.2 KB)

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13647 N 87TH ST

Public Hearing Information
Planning Commission

Planning Commission
Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF, 31.1 MB)

City Council
3/29/2022   CONTINUED   7-0

City Council
4/26/2022   DENIED   6-1

Dates given for public hearings are tentative and subject to change.
Please call 480-312-7767 the day before the scheduled hearing to confirm the date and time.
If you wish to speak, please arrive early to fill out a comment card.

David Richert
[email protected]

Jeff Barnes
Contact Staff Coordinator

Archived Documents
.msg Zoning Case 10-ZN-2021 - OPPOSED_Lentine.msg
(86 KB)
.pdf Sign - zone variance.pdf
(33 KB)
.msg RE_ Scottsdale Rd and Earll Drive.msg
(98 KB)
.msg Re_ Rezoning_ 13647 N_ 87th St_ Scottsdale 85260.msg
(8 MB)
.msg Re_ Rezoning_ 13647 N_ 87th St_ Scottsdale 85260 (1).msg
(128 KB)
.msg RE_ Neighborhood Open House June 7_ 2021 13647 N 87th ST_ Scottsdale_ AZ Rezoning Case 544-PA-2020.msg
(80 KB)
.msg Re_ McDowell Shadow Estates Rezoning Case (544-PA-2020)_pruel.msg
(142 KB)
.msg Re_ FAA avigation easement.msg
(13 MB)
.pdf Re_ 10-ZN-2021 Continuance Request.pdf
(200 KB)
.msg Rezoning McDowell Shadow Estates.msg
(88 KB)
.msg rezoning case 544-PA-2020_Zahn oppose.msg
(78 KB)
.msg Rezoning case 544-PA-2020_GlIckman.msg
(90 KB)
.msg Rezoning case #_ 544-PA-2020_beth.msg
(101 KB)
.msg Rezoning at 13647 N_ 87th St_ Scottsdale_ AZ 85260_support.msg
(92 KB)
.msg Rezoning Application (pre-application number_ 544_Beaudry-PA-2020).msg
(82 KB)
.pdf Rezoning and other issues.pdf
(8 MB)
.pdf Replat tasks_neighbors.pdf
(389 KB)
.msg Re-Zoning Request 544-PA2020_Waddle.msg
(90 KB)
.pdf PC_Staff_Report_2-23-22.pdf
(17 MB)
.pdf PC_Staff_Report_1-26-22.pdf
(242 KB)
(16 KB)
.msg Opposition to rezoning of 13647 N 87th street.msg
(92 KB)
.msg Opposition to rezoning of 13647 N 87th street _Erin.msg
(94 KB)
.pdf Open House Attendents.pdf
(406 KB)
.msg Objection to Rezoning Case 544-PA-2020 Address_ 13647 N_ 87th Street_ Scottsdale AZ 85260_Hakal.msg
(91 KB)
.msg Objection to Pre-Application #_ 544-PA-2020.msg
(2 MB)
.msg NO on 13647 North 87th Street Re-Zoning_j Gallagher.msg
(89 KB)
.msg NO on 13647 North 87th Street Re-Zoning_Gallagher.msg
(90 KB)
.pdf Nbr-consent_Mary_Alton_032317.pdf
(214 KB)
.pdf KOO - rezone application.pdf
(6 MB)
.msg FW_ Rezoning @ 13647 N_ 87th St_ Case Number 10-ZN-2021_1.msg
(93 KB)
.msg FW_ Nextdoor Post Re Zoning_buck.msg
(92 KB)
.msg FW_ Do Not Change the Zoning_Wirth.msg
(95 KB)
.msg FW_ 10-ZN-2021_Currie.msg
(95 KB)
.pdf Exhibit A to Exhibit 2 - Building Height Graphic.pdf
(293 KB)
.docx Exhibit A to Exhibit 2 - Building Height Graphic.docx
(259 KB)
.pdf CC_Staff_Report_4-26-22.pdf
(25 MB)
.pdf CC_Staff_Report_3-29-22.pdf
(180 KB)
.msg Case # 10-ZN-2021_White.msg
(90 KB)
.pdf area comparison1.pdf
(318 KB)
.msg 13647 N_ 87TH STREET_Anne.msg
(138 KB)
.msg 13647 N 87th St_Fitzergarld.msg
(83 KB)
.pdf 111-PA-2017_History.pdf
(1 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V2_Site Plan(markup).pdf
(78 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Water drainage study.pdf
(427 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Title and Lot history.pdf
(7 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_SMITH VARIANCE (2-BA-2012).pdf
(12 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Site Plan.pdf
(5 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Photos existing conditions.pdf
(9 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Open House ltr McClay.pdf
(163 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Open House 2nd 544-pa-2020.pdf
(6 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Open House 1st 544-pa-2020.pdf
(8 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Open house .pdf
(3 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Neighbor supports.pdf
(669 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Dgn Casa Thunderbird.pdf
(7 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_CORR-DRN-Water drainage study.pdf
(456 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_CORR-DRN-Site Plan.pdf
(5 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_complaint Water drainage at MCDOWELL SHADOW ESTATES 4 .pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Checklist.pdf
(7 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Authorization (Richert).pdf
(622 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Attempt for collective action.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Application.pdf
(4 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_Affidavit of Posting.pdf
(189 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_V1_21. Narrative for General Plan.pdf
(137 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Zahn2.pdf
(231 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Zahn1.pdf
(159 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Zahn.pdf
(99 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Wirth.pdf
(150 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Waddle.pdf
(137 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Speno5.pdf
(166 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Speno4.pdf
(258 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Speno2.pdf
(164 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Speno1.pdf
(141 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Speno.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Slater.pdf
(155 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Simons.pdf
(187 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Rohn.pdf
(220 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Pyner.pdf
(97 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Preul4.pdf
(166 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Preul3.pdf
(218 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Preul1.pdf
(101 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Preul.pdf
(140 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Norris.pdf
(99 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Messer.pdf
(107 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Lentine.pdf
(118 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Lanker.pdf
(170 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Hakal.pdf
(125 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Glickman.pdf
(122 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Gallagher.pdf
(121 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Frette.pdf
(182 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Freedman.pdf
(102 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Fitzgerald.pdf
(123 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Currie1.pdf
(149 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Currie.pdf
(116 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Currie-White.pdf
(210 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Cowdrey1.pdf
(151 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Cowdery1.pdf
(151 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Cowdery.pdf
(164 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Cowderey3.pdf
(156 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Chipman.pdf
(99 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Buck2.pdf
(269 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Buck1.pdf
(155 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Buck.pdf
(226 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Bernard.pdf
(244 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Bennett Beaudry.pdf
(209 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry6.pdf
(162 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry5.pdf
(214 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry4.pdf
(161 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry2.pdf
(156 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry1.pdf
(156 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment_Beaudry.pdf
(109 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Mark Speno.pdf
(878 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public comment email_Mark Speno(4).pdf
(258 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Mark Speno(2).pdf
(140 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Mark C. Preul, MD and Karen B. Preul.pdf
(227 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Jim Rohn.pdf
(143 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public comment email_Jim Rohn(2).pdf
(147 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Bennett Beaudry.pdf
(850 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Public Comment email_Barbara Cowderey.pdf
(123 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Property Split Reference Map.pdf
(1 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_parcel breakdown map.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_opposition.pdf
(778 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Neighborhood Outreach (combined).pdf
(17 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Letter To Mayor and Council_Bennett Beaudry.pdf
(736 KB)
.xlsx 10-ZN-2021_Labels.xls
(59 KB)
.xlsx 10-ZN-2021_Labels with APN.xlsx
(32 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Continuance Memo.pdf
(346 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Affidavit Waiver of Claims for Diminution in Value of Property.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Aerial_Mid00s.pdf
(388 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Aerial_Late90s.pdf
(180 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_Aerial_Early90s.pdf
(365 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-Response to 1st review comments.pdf
(10 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-Narrative.pdf
(4 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-Drainage Report.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-CORR-Drainage Report.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-Comment Letter.pdf
(175 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021_2-Avigation Easement.pdf
(1 MB)
(380 KB)
.pdf 10-ZN-2021 Drain report.pdf
(1 MB)
.pdf 10-ZN-20121_Public Comment email_Art Buck.pdf
(109 KB)

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The preceding data provides general information only.
For additional information about this application, please contact Current Planning at 480-312-7767 or click the link below to send an email.
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