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Request by owner for a zoning district map amendment from General Commercial (C-4) to Planned Airpark Core Development - Airpark Mixed Use Residential, Planned Shared Development (PCP-AMU-R PSD) including a development plan with bonus development standards for building height and floor area ratio to allow a mixed-use development with approximately 1,236 dwelling units, 223 hotel keys, and 253,000 square feet of commercial floor area on a +/- 32.29 gross acre site located at 16001 N. Scottsdale Road.

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Public Hearing Information
Planning Commission
Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF, 73.5 MB)

City Council
11/13/2023   APPROVED   5-2

Dates given for public hearings are tentative and subject to change.
Please call 480-312-7767 the day before the scheduled hearing to confirm the date and time.
If you wish to speak, please arrive early to fill out a comment card.

John Berry
(480) 385-2727
[email protected]

Bryan Cluff
Contact Staff Coordinator

Archived Documents
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_FAA No Conflict Notice.pdf
(111 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_APPROVED_Preliminary Grading and Drainage.pdf
(8 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_APPROVED_Preliminary Drainage Report.pdf
(35 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_Affidavit of Posting_CC.pdf
(724 KB)
.pptx 13-ZN-2022_AAC_STAFF_PRESENTATION_pptx.pptx
(7 MB)
.docx 13-ZN-2022_8th page Ad_CC.docx
(40 KB)
.docx 13-ZN-2022_8th page Ad.docx
(40 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_4-Transitions Plan.pdf
(50 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_4-TIMA.pdf
(34 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_4-Combined Sewer Capacity Report - APPROVED with comments.pdf
(25 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_3-Response to 2nd Review.pdf
(220 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_3-PARKING PLAN.pdf
(520 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_3-Landscape Sheets.pdf
(25 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_3-Infrastructure Phasing Exhibits.pdf
(2 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_3-BOD Water Report - accepted.pdf
(9 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Site Cross Sections.pdf
(479 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Outreach Report 1.26.23.pdf
(118 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Offsite sewer estimate.pdf
(187 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-MASTER Response Matrix - The Parque Jan 2023.pdf
(277 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Conical Surface Diagram - The Parque.pdf
(5 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Clearance Surface Exhibit The Parque.pdf
(1 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_2-Airport Vicinity Short Form and Notice Criteria.pdf
(207 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-8. - 9. Updated Title 7-21-22.pdf
(823 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-7. Appeals of Required Dedications The Parque.pdf
(226 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-620-PA-2022_White Open House Sign.pdf
(3 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-6. Affidavit of Authority The Parque.pdf
(232 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-5. Letter of Authorization The Parque.pdf
(136 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-4. Concurrent Development Applications The Parque.pdf
(300 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-31. The Parque - Traffic Impact - Mitigation Analysis.pdf
(34 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-3. Application Form - The Parque.pdf
(172 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-23. The Parque Special Improvement Bonus Calculation 8-17-2022.pdf
(102 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-19. Airport Vicinity Short Form and Notice Criteria.pdf
(207 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-17. Photo Exhibit of Existing Conditions.pdf
(572 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-14. The Parque Neighborhood Outreach Report 8-16-2022.pdf
(6 MB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-11. Request of Site Visits The Parque.pdf
(211 KB)
.pdf 13-ZN-2022_1-10. Updated ALTA -8-17-22-.pdf
(1 MB)
.pdf 0_13-ZN-2022_CC_REPORT.pdf
(76 MB)
.pdf 00_13-ZN-2022_FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 9-18.pdf
(110 MB)

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