Pre-Application Introduction

Welcome to the Digital Pre-Application Submittal Program from Current Planning


The purpose of the Pre-Application submittal, and meeting, is for the applicant and City Staff to discuss the proposed Development Application, and the information and process that is necessary for City Staff to process the application. Development Applications include cases for General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit, Development Review Board, Plats, and Variances, among others. Development Applications do not include submittals for construction document permit review.


Please select the link below to initiate the Digital Pre-Application Submittal process. Upon completion of the application, a fee will be required for the application. Applicants should be prepared to upload all required materials and any supplemental documents that may be needed to review the Pre-Application at the Pre-Application meeting. In addition, Applicants are encouraged to bring copies of plans or drawings to the Pre-Application meeting for review.


After the Pre-Application has been received and accepted by Planning and Development Services, a staff member will contact the Applicant within five (5) Working Days to schedule a Pre-Application meeting with the assigned staff member(s). Generally, a Pre-Application meeting is scheduled within five (5) to fifteen (15) Staff Working Days from the date of the submittal.