City of Scottsdale QuickPay

QuickPay is a tool that affords City of Scottsdale customers the ability to make a quick payment using a credit card. Payments can be made for the following services:

QuickPay: Court Fines and Parking Tickets lets you pay parking tickets and Court fines and fees. To use this service, you must have your complaint number, citation number or case number. You may not be able to use this service until 48 hours after your ticket is issued due to the time it takes for initial processing. You cannot pay for defensive driving school at this site. Once you complete your transaction, you may print the receipt page for your records.
QuickPay: Tax and License lets you pay Business Tax and License Fees and Alarm Fees. You need your billing statement showing the total amount due. You cannot change any account information through this service. Payments for Privilege Tax Liability are not accepted through this service.