City of Scottsdale Online Services

Welcome to the City of Scottsdaleā€™s Online Services Internet Portal!

The services we provide are listed below.:

  1. Archived Document Search
  2. City Council Planned Agendas
  3. Human Resources / Job Descriptions
  4. Scottsdale Airport Noise Complaints
  5. Capital Improvement Projects
  6. Access to Scottsdale Special Assessments
  7. RSS Feeds of City information
  8. Planning Case Development Search
  9. Campaign Finance Reports
  10. Online Solicitations
  11. Property Crime Report
  12. Utility Requests (Start / Stop Service)
  13. Bicycle Registration
  14. QuickPay - Court Fines
  15. QuickPay - Parking Tickets
  16. QuickPay - License Payments
  17. My Neighborhood
  18. License Guide
  19. Digital Print Room
  20. Digital Plan Submittal
  21. Minimum Permit
  22. Fire Hydrant Flow Test Permit
  23. Plan Review Search
  24. Building Permit Search
  25. Right-Of-Way Permit Search
  26. Certificate of Occupancy Report
  27. Building Permit Report
  28. Building Permit Fee Calculator
  29. Pre-Application Meeting Calendar
  30. Pre-Application Submittal

All of the online application services are categorized in the menu on the left side of the page. Just click the appropriate category to view the applications related to that category.

We welcome any feedback that you might wish to share with us about your experience on our website, using these services. Our feedback form is available at the following link: Contact the Webmaster

City of Scottsdale Information Technology Division